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Mistake #1 (Day 1) - Stop Publishing Videos Without Keyword Research. This is the first big mistake you’re probably making and it’s crushing your ability to get views. If you’ve ever seen a YouTube channel with dozens, or even hundreds of videos, and very few subscribers or views, it’s because they’re not optimizing for specific keywords. I’ll break down why this is such a big problem, and how to get it right.

Mistake #2 (Day 2) - Tricking The Algorithm. Chasing viral trends that have no context within your niche and goals might get you some views, but they won’t last… and this might even hurt your channel.

Mistake #3 (Day 3) - Blowing Off Thumbnail Creation. Lots of creators with great on-camera skills, and even better content, are missing out on loads of views because they neglect thumbnail design. I’ll show you how to make thumbnail design a simple task with a free tool.

Mistake #4 (Day 4) - Neglecting A Storyline. People want to connect with you as a creator… and that’s why they’re watching you. Humans want to relate, so telling your story and being personable is the key to building trust with your audience long term

Mistake #5 (Day 5) - Forgetting People Have The Attention Span Of A Goldfish. The YouTube videos that keep people watching all have one thing in common - A GREAT HOOK. If you can’t hook your viewer’s attention in the first 30 seconds, you’re going to lose them forever – even if your content is better than all your competitors.

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