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We’ll show you how to launch, grow, and monetize a highly profitable YouTube channel with dead simple videos and a small following (introverts welcome).

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So you want to start a YouTube channel, but you don't know where to start.

YouTube seems fairly simple on the surface.

All you gotta do is shoot some videos, hit upload, and it's all downhill from there, right?

If that were the case, why haven't you gotten started?

Or maybe you've already got a channel, but you aren't making any progress.

The reality is this: anyone can create a channel. 

All you need is a smart phone, an idea, and the guts to put your ideas out into the world. 

But the truth is...

If you want to create a YouTube channel that gets views and makes money, it starts to feel a lot more complicated...

Here's why building a YouTube channel feels hard...

The Problems All New YouTube Creators Face...

You're probably wondering...

  • What niche you should make videos about…
  • What kind of thumbnails you should make that grab attention…
  • How often should you post to get more subscribers…
  • How to set up your studio to make filming easy…
  • How to get over the fear of talking to a camera...
  • The best ways to edit your videos…
  • How long your videos should be…
  • What time of day do you post to maximize engagement…
  • Whether you should script your videos or wing it…
  • How to keep people watching…
  • The time investment…
  • And how to leverage YouTube search traffic for months and years down the road…

What you need is a battle-tested system... a framework you can use to not only create videos that are relevant and keep people watching.

You also need a roadmap for creating lots of these videos over time... without having to figure it out on your own. And without constantly wondering "is this going to work? Am  I on the right path? Can I keep this up?"

Introducing practical solution to growing a profitable YouTube channel...

YouTube Growth Engine

YouTube Growth Engine is a complete course that takes you from YouTube Newbie to YouTube Pro.

We take you by the hand and walk you through each step you need to take from being a frazzled “holy crap, I’m about to shoot a video” mess…

To having all your content planned out weeks in advance, with an expert setup where you’re so good, you can film videos in your sleep (we don’t recommend filming when you sleep, haha).

In YGE, we equip you with exactly what you need to grow your channel, and we skip over all the hyped-up, but irrelevant details most other YouTube growth courses are full of.


Updated & Relevant YouTube Training

The core fundamentals to build a profitable YouTube channel. From ideation, scripting, being camera-ready, thumbnails, and more.


Exclusive Community for Feedback & Support

YGE community of like-minded creators where you can receive constructive feedback on your videos to grow your channel.


Profit-Driven Strategies Over Vanity Metrics

Focus on strategies that drive real income, learning to prioritize revenue-generating activities over superficial engagement metrics.


Expert-Led Content Creation Guidance

Insider knowledge on crafting engaging content with over 30 step-by-step video tutorials led by a successful channel creator.

Here is exactly what you will learn in the curriculum:

The 3 YouTube Growth Engine Pillars

To Launch, Grow and Scale Your YouTube Channel

Pillar 1: Start - YouTube Fundamentals 101

  • How to uncover the perfect niche based on your preferred monetization pathway.
  • Set up your Minimum Viable Studio so you can publish FAST.
  • How to adapt your strategy based on what is working for other YouTube channels.
  • Hone your instinct for what good content looks like so every video counts.
  • Understand your unique value and reach your ideal audience.
  • Create a killer content machine with our Video Assembly Line. 

Pillar 2: Grow - The YGE Dead Simple Video Formula

  • Find hot keywords for videos people are increasingly searching for.
  • A "Bento Box" hack for scripting videos people actually watch til the end.
  • A simple cut-and-paste editing framework that makes any video look great.
  • A creative framework for thumbnails you can't resist clicking on.
  • Exactly how and when to publish your videos for maximum views.

Pillar 3: Scale - How To Maximize Your Reach & Income

  • Take a business-first approach to growing your channel.
  • Build out your standard operating procedures and bringing on your first hire.
  • Focus 100% on the things you love doing. Delegate the rest.

This is where the income snowballs you unlock affiliate marketing, sponsors, digital products + more!

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In YGE, we equip you with everything you need to build a profitable 💰 YouTube Channel FAST ⚡️

In short, we're skipping the fluff around:

  • Going Viral (which can be detrimental to your success)
  • Being an internet-famous "influencer"
  • Vanity metrics (high subscriber and view counts that no one in business cares about)

Instead, we're getting straight to the point of what matters most: turning your YouTube channel into a money-milking cash cow.

And we'll show you how to build it the right way from day one.

In the YouTube Growth Engine, we uncover...

  • How to find the perfect niche you can profit from, in the short and long term.
  • Where to find the best topics to make content about.
  • All the monetization methods we use (and how you can copy our success)
  • How to make videos that gets views for months or years - so you don't have to pray for a viral hit.
  • Exactly how to stay off the video hamster wheel, so you ONLY spend time making videos that make you money.
  • The paint-by-numbers approach to take when making videos that rank in YouTube 📹 search AND attract the right audience you can monetize.
  • Our exact Content Assembly Line approach to video production (cuts your time in half so you can produce more quickly).
  • How to make 👀 eye-popping thumbnails.
  • The exact scripting techniques for stickier-than-honey 🍯 video content.
  • And a ton more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of investment will I have to make to start a YouTube business after enrolling in YouTube Growth Engine?

The main expenses of running a YouTube channel are the equipment and software to shoot your videos. We offer a good, better, best approach in phase 5 with options ranging from:

  • “Pretty much free” (using your laptop and smart phone, a $20 microphone, for lighting, a window or $10 light).
  • A great setup in the $1,000 range.
  • The best setup with all the bells and whistles in the $5,000 range.

Technology and software has made major strides in the last few years - even an old iPhone 6s from 2015 can record in 4K quality, and we’re only going to be uploading in 1080p.

USB microphones are cheap.

Lighting is based on your room - a window can often be better than an expensive key light. We cover the 3 pillars of quality - good audio, video, and lighting.

One tool that we recommend for YouTube keyword research is vidIQ, and plans start at $5/month.

  • Do I really have to be on camera?

We do recommend that you put yourself on camera, at least for a small portion of the video. Personal brands work really well on YouTube and people follow, like, and trust real human beings. We are not going to recommend YouTube automation or some AI hacks to build a fake audience.

If you absolutely, positively don’t ever want to be on camera, there are options like faceless documentary style videos, but our curriculum is based on informational content in a niche. You should at bare minimum do voiceovers for your videos and be on screen for a few seconds. We don’t want people enrolling who want to “hack” their way to the top with AI content and low quality videos. We want to help people that want to give it a real shot. 

  • What if I already have a YouTube channel. Is YouTube Growth Engine still for me?

Yes, that’s the beauty of YouTube Growth Engine. While we don’t run the biggest channel in terms of raw views or subscribers, we run one the most profitable channels on YouTube for our small size. Even if you already have 100,000 or 1 million followers, or an old channel you want to restart, YGE will give you the path to monetize your audience much more effectively with courses, affiliate marketing, ads, and more.

  • Can I create a successful channel while working full time?

We are firm believers that there is no such thing as passive income and YouTube is not a passive income business. It takes real work. However, it’s not like you are going to be on a “content hamster wheel” with no free time outside of work because you’re working on your YouTube channel 20 hours a week. This is actually why YGE is important - it gives you the fastest path to progress in the least amount of time.

All that we ask is you try to commit at least 10 hours a week to your YouTube channel and publish 1 video per week consistently with our strategies. Once a student can build their revenue to their salary level and take it full time, it is very possible to automate this business. You hire 1 video editor and batch all of your uploads. For example, I can shoot 4 YouTube videos in 2 days and my month of content is done.

Ready To Get Started?

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